Thursday, June 26, 2014

Two Great Events in One Month: CTA Women in Technology Conference and The Digital Summit Denver

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend two great events: The Colorado Technology Association’s Women in Technology Conference and The Digital Summit Denver.  Here’s recap of the highlights from both events:

Women in Technology Conference 

This sold out event was hosted at the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield and had an attendance of over 500 women.  My main purpose in attending was to learn more about getting involved in the CTA and to network with the local women in technology. I had the pleasure of sitting with some very accomplished women who were not afraid to share their stories of both success and failure during our roundtable discussions.

My favorite session of the day was the luminary leadership dialogues. A lot of time was spent discussing the recent article in The AtlanticThe Confidence Gap which talks about how most women are not as confident as men in the workplace and how that affects everything from promotions to salary.  “The problem, argue the broadcast journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman in The Atlantic’s May 2014 cover story, is that women are less self-assured than men—and that this persistent disparity between the genders is what keeps women from achieving at the highest levels……despite being just as qualified as men, women often hold themselves back.” It was very interesting to hear this discussion as it related to women in the male-dominated technology industry.

I always walk away from these types of events motivated to do more. It is amazing how easily I can feed off of the energy of others. This conference inspired me to focus on getting out of my comfort zone and to take more risks.

I will definitely be attending the Women in Technology Conferences in the future. Another bonus – at this event, I won tickets to the Denver Digital Summit the following week!

Denver Digital Summit 
 The focus on this event was on content marketing and the new tools and tricks of the trade. I loved the “Tech Media” app, which allowed me to easily follow the conference conversations on Twitter and see who else was in attendance. My main purpose in attending was to learn the latest strategies and also to network among my peers.

The highlight of the event for me was the keynote from Joe Fernandez, Co-Founder of Klout. I loved hearing his story on how the company began up to its recent acquisition by Lithium Technologies. He said many people ask him what the most popular social media sites are or what is coming next and his response is that the channels are constantly changing. Instead of focusing on the channel, you should focus on the people.  He also talked about Klout scores and his experience getting death threats from people who didn’t like their scores!  Unbelievable! He said the average Klout score is around 42, so I was pleased that mine is currently at 46, phew!

Another highlight from the event was the presentation by Skye Sant, UX Manager Consultant. She talked about “Navigating the Visual Social Sharing Culture.” One key take away was her slide on what a successful social campaign looks like:

My favorite tweet of the day was this one:
Jeff Perkins @jeffperkins8  ·  Jun 18 Official digital marketer uniform for guys at #DSD14 - jeans and a blazer.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed!