Monday, April 7, 2014

An Evening with Katie Couric

My fellow PR colleagues and I with Katie Couric

As a communications professional, I work with the media on a daily basis and know what it takes to tell a good story and get someone’s attention.  I have a special appreciation for journalists and the demands of their job. One of my favorites is Katie Couric. I admire her passion, personality and ability to connect with the many people she has interviewed over the years.

I actually have a few things in common with Couric. I grew up in her hometown of Arlington, Virginia, went to the same high school (Yorktown) and pursued a career in the communications field. That is probably where the similarities end, although I think we are probably close to the same height too.

I would definitely say that meeting her was on my bucket list. So I jumped at the chance to join my fellow public relations colleagues and the Denver Press Club in honoring her as the recipient of the 20th Annual Damon Runyon Award

The Denver Press Club hosted an awards banquet in her honor last month and at the event Couric shared some great stories and advice from her career. She told us what one producer from Today wrote to her after she announced her move to CBS – “A boat is always safe in its harbor, but that’s not what boats are for.” 

I remember when I heard the news that she was leaving Today and that they had offered her all sorts of incentives to stay. Most people I talked to felt like she had it made and that she was crazy to give it all up. While I agreed for the most part, I also understood that underlying desire for change, to do something different or face a new challenge. 

I am sure it with this same determination that she will rise up while serving as Yahoo News Global Anchor. In speaking of her new position at Yahoo, Couric talked about how the online world is transforming journalism and expressed her desire to bring more depth to her stories. 
It was a great honor to meet Couric in person and I look forward to seeing much more from her in the future.

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